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I’m British, and I fully support the idea of everyone in the world being just a little bit more British.

Hi guys! Happy Saturday! I hope you’ve had a Greaaat week! Hands up who’s excited for the weekend (or just imagine you’re raising your hand if you’re too lazy busy like me 😀 ) *Ping! Ping! Ping! Whoa! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s 7 BILLION hands!!* Haha! I knew it! […]

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Shared Post: The LGBTQ community needs to talk about polyamory — The Queerness

Stephanie Farnsworth argues why the community needs to start being inclusive towards polyamorous queer people.

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One of the criticisms often levelled at bisexuals from some other groups within the LGBT+ community concerns choice. It’s the same argument often put forward by religious conservatives, among others. The argument goes that bisexuals can choose whether to be gay/lesbian or straight. Those critics within the LGBT+ community insist that we’re playing, or that we’re afraid to fully come out of the closet. Those on the other side of the fence think our very existence is proof that they were right all along, and that homosexuality is an avoidable “sin”.

“The only choice is between self-liberation and self-oppression.”

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In A Heartbeat

OK, I admit it, I cried a little at the end. Watch it with the sound on – there’s no talking but the soundtrack really adds something.

Also, thought for the day*: What part(s) of the LGBT+ community do they represent? Could you make changes that would improve the representation?

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*this thought for the day thing is so teachery

Shared Post: Addiction and the LGBT+ Community

This is a thorough look at the issues of addiction in the LGBT+ space, some of the reasons why it might occur, why it might go unrecognised/untreated and what you can do to help.

TW: Drug and Alcohol abuse, suicide, depression, self harm. Addiction. It’s something that nobody likes to talk about. We often shy away from the subject as no matter your attitude towards addicts, it’s a controversial one. For some, it’s better to stay ignorant until it affects you directly – which it never would, right? However, […]

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